Pre-paid Training Vouchers: Save With Volume Purchasing



Have money left in your Training Budget?  Invest your left over dollars with New Horizons and extend your training dollars until 12/31/2020. 

  • Spend $5000, receive $6000 in Training Vouchers
  • Spend $10,000, receive $12,000 in Training Vouchers
  • Spend $15,000, receive $18,450 in Training Vouchers

Investment must be made by 12/31/2019.    Call today to learn more!  515-226-3265


New Horizons Training Vouchers offer organizations the incredible opportunity to optimize savings while providing the ultimate flexibility in the development of training plans. Training Vouchers are pre-paid credits that are good for Desktop Applications, Graphic & Web Design, and/or Technical training.   

Many organizations can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by purchasing training vouchers, as discounting is applied based on the volume purchased. Savings are not limited to large enterprises, though; smaller business can also benefit by purchasing vouchers, enjoying significant savings with the purchase of just ten!

Vouchers may be purchased at any time, and can be used by anyone within an organization. This provides flexibility for managers who are in the budget planning stage but are adding headcount and may not be able to specifically identify personnel who need training. It also provides convenience for organizations planning a new technology roll-out and may need to train different departments at different times but still want to enjoy the savings provided by volume purchasing.

New Horizons Training Vouchers Provide Many Benefits

  • Volume purchasing means discounted pricing
  • Ease of budgeting and purchasing - Purchase vouchers up-front and use throughout the year
  • Usage Flexibility - Use vouchers for multiple projects, departments, and products
  • Simple Management - Your Account Executive will manage your voucher pool and provide quarterly reports
  • Ideal for both large and small organizations

Vouchers will be managed “virtually” by your New Horizons Account Executive. They may be used for most classes available on our open-enrollment schedule. Vouchers maybe also be used for custom and dedicated classes.

Contact Mike Anderson ( today to discuss the different types of coupons, and your options for managing them.