Building Better Documents – For Law Offices

Four-hour courses designed to build documents that meet the rigorous needs of law offices

Courses for Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat


Formatting and Styles

  • Explore Basic Formatting
    • Fonts, Paragraphs, Clear Formatting, Format Painter
  • Create a Style
    • Create your own style, modify styles, add to templates
  • Work with existing Styles
    • Explore the Heading Styles
    • Using the Navigation Pane
  • Bullets and Numbering
    • Apply bullets, create custom bullets, apply numbering, create custom multilevel outlines
  • Tabs and Tables
    • Create basic tabs, leader tabs, basic tables, table options
  • Work Smarter
    • Autocorrect, Quick Access Toolbar, Clipboard
    • Templates, Dictate, SmartArt, Section Breaks, Hyperlinks, Custom Colors
  • Work Faster
    • Repeat, Text Selection, Quick Parts
  • Work Easier
    • Spelling and Grammar Options, Read Aloud, Pin Files and Folders, Save As

Managing Long Documents

  • The Power of Styles
    • Create and apply styles to control formatting
  • Caption Tables and Figures
    • Add graphics and captions
  • Create a Table of Contents
    • Styles and Table variations
  • Table of Authorities
    • Mark Citations, Build a Table of Authorities
  • Create an Index
    • Mark entries and create index
  • Add Document References
    • Cross-References, Bookmarks, Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Add Headers and Footers
    • Create Section Breaks, add unique headers
  • Save as PDF
    • Learn options for creating optimized PDFs from Word documents

Creating ADA Compliant Documents in Word and Acrobat

  • Creating an Accessible Word Document
    • Use Styles, Document Properties, Alt Text, Tables, Hyperlinks
  • Accessibility Checker in Word
    • Check Accessibility, Recommended Actions
  • Prepare Word Documents for PDF Conversion
    • Use proper formatting, check document conditions
  • Accessibility Checker in Acrobat
    • Autotag Document, Accessibility Report, Set Alternate Text, Reading Order
  • Prepare a PDF for Posting
    • Document Properties, Bookmarks and Hyperlinks, Accessibility Settings, Reduce File Size


Creating Better PDFs

  • Converting Word Documents
    • Interactive Word Features: styles, TOC, hyperlinks
    • Save as PDF options
  • Combine documents
    • Create PDFs, Combine Files, PDF Portfolio
  • Organize Pages
    • Insert, Extract, Replace, Delete
    • Headers, Footers, Page Numbering, Bates Numbering
  • Bookmarks
    • Creating bookmarks, custom formatting, display on open
  • Hyperlinks
    • Quick links, Link tool
  • Commenting
    • Notes, Editing Tools, Stamps, Review Comments
  • Redaction
    • Mark for Redaction, Sanitize

Creating Interactive PDF Forms

  • Create a PDF Form
    • Starting From Scratch – Creating form fields in a blank PDF
      • Add Fields: Text, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, Buttons
      • Modify Fields: Align, Distribute, Size, Create Multiple, Properties
      • Enhance Forms: Set Tab Order, Submit Actions
    • Designing Word Documents for Easier Form Creation
      • Using Tables, Tab Leaders, and Symbols that convert into fields
      • Auto Detect Form Fields
  • Compile and Manage PDF Form Data
    • Distribute, Track, Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet

Creating Advanced Form Features

  • Setting Layer Visibility
    • Adding triggers to checkboxes to display additional information
  • Show/Hide Fields
    • Adding Triggers to checkboxes to show or hide additional fields
  • Advanced Button Actions
    • Check Spelling, Print, Reset a Form
    • Advanced Submit Options: mailto, include Subject and Body
  • Automate Email Responses to Forms
    • Create Email Templates
    • Create Rules to send templates based on Subject


CyberSAFE: Staying Safe in a Digital World 

Tools you can use on the internet, in your email, and on social media to stay safe 

  • The need for security 
    • Compliance, recognize social engineering and other attacks 
  • Secure Devices 
    • Passwords, identify viruses and malware 
  • Use the Internet safely 
    • Browsing the web, email, social media, cloud services 

Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US)

You’ll leave with an understanding of the legal requirements for the responsible handling and transfer of personal data within industry and workplaces, including government access to private-sector data

  • Introduction To Privacy 
  • Structure Of U.S. Law 
  • General Data Protection Regulation Overview (Gdpr) 
  • California Consumer Privacy Act Of 2018 (Ccpa) 
  • Enforcement Of U.S. Privacy And Security Laws 
  • Information Management From A U.S. Perspective 
  • Federal Versus State Authority 
  • Healthcare 
  • Financial Privacy 
  • Education 
  • Telecommunications And Marketing 
  • Law Enforcement And Privacy 
  • National Security And Privacy 
  • Civil Litigation And Privacy 
  • Legal Overview Of Workplace Privacy 
  • Privacy Before, During And After Employment 
  • State Data Security Laws 
  • Data Breach Notification Laws 

*This course is a two-day course

Build Better Documents

We have created a series of six courses designed to help you learn the tools to create complex legal documents.

Each course is four hours long, allowing you to learn without being away from the office too long.

For more information about these courses, or to schedule, please call 515-226-3265 or email us at:

Course List:


  • Formatting and Styles
  • Managing Long Documents
  • Creating ADA Compliant Documents in Word and Acrobat


  • Creating Better PDFs
  • Creating Interactive PDF Forms
  • Creating Advanced Form Features


  • CyberSAFE: Staying Safe in a Digital World
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US)